One of our biggest goals will be to reduce the effects of outside influences over our elected officials and give the power of our legislature back to who it truly belongs, the people.

However, in order to remain competitive, we must raise funds. Our goal is to spend each dollar as wisely and with as little waste as possible. We do not accept out of state money, corporate pac funding, or dark money.

We do accept volunteers and can always use the help with spreading the word, phone calls, and canvassing. Our goal is to personally knock on every voter's door in the district, and we need volunteers to make that happen. Anything helps, because only together we can be the change we need for the future...

Please include your name and address when donating.

To donate by mail, send check/money order addressed to:

Dave Thomas MN House

PO Box: 130512

Roseville MN 55113


Donate by Paypal or card

Donate by Venmo