"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."


Hi, my name is Dave Thomas. I grew up in the Como Park neighborhood of Saint Paul during the 1980's. One of six siblings, also being an identical twin. My father was an union electrician and my mother now works in computers.

A huge part of why I am running is about family. I want the community I grew up in to continue to have a high standard of living for young families and for the future of Minnesota.

I'm this one

A little over 13 years ago I met my amazing and beautiful wife while traveling overseas. After two years and one child we were finally able to immigrate her to America. I know very well the emotional, economic, and time cost needed to complete the lengthy process.

I know what it's like to be separated from your loved ones by bureaucracy alone. I know what its like to not see your infant child in person for months at a time and to have her not recognize me at the airport.

Yet, we have so far prevailed. My wife gave up her whole life so we could be together, and countless other immigrants make the same choice every day. I want to acknowledge the sacrifices made by these families and make Minnesota appeal to young families from across the world.

We have lived in Falcon Heights for the last 10 years. Our two wonderful, intelligent daughters attend Falcon Heights Elementary.

I am running because we need a strong, economically healthy Minnesota for the future of our children, and together we can make it happen.