Child Care and Education Reform

I will fight for affordable, quality child care, and education.

The system isn't working. Not for educators making poverty wages or families paying more for childcare than their already high mortgages. Its not working for businesses that are struggling with worker shortages because a whole lot of Minnesota parents, especially moms, can't go back to work if they don't have available and affordable child care. If we don't want to hold women back for another generation we need to take action.

School systems are at a breaking point. Districts can't retain teachers or find adequate substitutes. An investment in education is an investment in the future economy of our state. This is why I support:

  • The removal of Minnesota from the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

  • A statewide fund for school lunches so schools can focus on educating.

  • An increase in physical education funding. Kids need to move.

  • Integration of before and afterschool care into the primary school system. Parents can have quality, local childcare with no extra costs just to be able to go to work. Why do we continue to punish working parents (usually mothers) economically for having children?

  • Integration of the early childhood system into the primary K-12 system. Let's make sure our early childhood educators are being paid what they are worth so we can ensure all children are provided excellent childcare.

  • Six months paid parental leave upon the birth of a child.

  • An integrated course based secondary education system that allows students to move to higher forms of education without obtaining debt.

  • Funding for statewide full day kindergarten.

  • State funded sick days for working parents per child.