Community Focused Policing

Our justice system is in serious need of reform. We have a police system that has not held accountable officers of the peace from unconstitutional criminal action. We all shared the consequences of this in the spring of 2021. At the same time we now have a drastic rise in crime in the twin cities. How can we turn to the police when the trust has been broken? With accountability and training.

We don't need to "defund the police" to have meaningful, lasting police reform. We just need to bring the trust back into the system. That is why I support the following actions:

  • All police statewide must undergo de-escalation training, mental illness training, along with certain amounts of community service every year in order to renew their licenses.

  • All police statewide must live in the communities they serve.

  • All police killings must result in a trial by jury.

  • All economic penalties that arise from a police killings come from the police pension plans. This will lead to a new police culture.

  • Legalized Cannabis in all forms. The tax revenue can be used to fund government services and the police can better use their time on violent offenders, property crime, and other crimes currently rampant in the twin cities.

  • End private prisons in the State of Minnesota.

  • An end to the cash bail system.

  • An end to "no knock" warrants in the state of Minnesota.

  • An increase of funding and accessibility for teen athletic, after school, and school to work programs.

  • The creation of a medical court for drug possession and use. This will go into their medical records and not a criminal one. Then a plan can be put in place with educated professionals, the addict, and the courts. Being addicted to drugs itself shouldn't be held criminally when it stops so many from obtaining the help they desperately need.