Gender Equality

As a citizen of the United States it is our duty to make sure all voices are heard, and that no one is discriminated against due to factors outside of their control. That is why our campaign supports:

  • I am pro-choice. My body is my business, your body is yours.

  • State funding to ensure the gender gap between female and male high school and college graduates narrows.

  • Legislation prohibiting the practice known as "conversion therapy" on minors.

  • The implementation of a four day workweek for all state employees.

  • State funded sick days for parents per child. When two parents (or single parents) work, a sick child means the parents have to take off work. We are punishing families and specifically mothers for raising the future of Minnesota.

  • More protections for new and expecting mothers in the workforce.

  • Legislation or funding for time put into local news broadcasts to specifically alert the public of missing persons.

  • Paid six month parental leave upon the birth of a child.

  • Legislation to ensure that gender realignment medications are fully covered by all health insurance providers within the state of Minnesota.

  • The development of cross-jurisdictional strategies to expand safe harbor protections to adult women victims of sex trafficking and make sex work safe and legal.