Tuition Free Universities

In order to remain competitive and keep a dynamic, robust and flexible economy, I support the following statewide education reforms:

  • The establishment of a statewide tuition free, higher education system.

Let's make it easier for people to work in the profession they wish to work in. A more mobile and diverse economy is always a better option than a stagnant one.

We need skills training that puts people into the careers of their choice, where only one's hard work and dedication determine their success.

  • The removal of Minnesota from the federal student loan program.

  • A degree's price should be based on its proposed economic return of investment. A political science degree should never cost the same as an engineering or medical degree with far higher rates of return.

  • Cancel certain student loan debt.

  • An integrated secondary education system that puts students on the path to career training before they obtain any type of debt.