Term Limits & Campaign Finance Reform

We need to give power back to the people! Our government has been held hostage by outside entities, money, lobbyists, corporations, foreign operatives, and ideologies. These entities use entrenched legislatures to keep their system in place. This has led to very limited and uncreative solutions to any major problem facing our state (and world) today. As such I do not accept corporate PAC funds, or any out of state money. That is why I support the following solutions:

  • Term limits for all state and national legislators in the state of Minnesota. They should be limited to three terms for a US/MN house member, two terms for a US/MN senator.

  • A lifetime ban on working for, owning, or investing in lobbying firms after having served in any Minnesota state or national elected office.

  • A strict spending limit on campaign financing in the State of Minnesota, both within the campaign and by outsides sources. These should be limited to $10,000 for state legislature candidates, $40,000 for US congressional candidates. $100,000 for US senate and MN governor candidates. This will include money spent by the campaign and on behalf of the campaign (eg: PAC funds and other such backdoor funding). Our government will not listen to us if we aren't the reason people are elected.

  • Legislation that forces all funding for political campaigns in Minnesota to come directly from the constituency of that district. This is to directly target the Citizens United verdict. Free speech isn't free if it abridges our sovereignty.

  • That all MN legislators pensions, pay, and benefits are based on a percentage of their attendance as a per diem.

  • Open primaries or ranked choice voting in all state and national elections in Minnesota. Let's make sure we are best represented, open primaries and ranked choice voting let all who have a stake in the election decide the outcome.

  • Legislation limiting the influence of lobbying firms.

  • Making election day a state holiday so we can achieve the best possible representation.