Environmental Protection

We must address the catastrophic environmental impact we, are currently doing to the planet. We are failing both our children, and our ancestors. We need to take specific and immediate action.

There is this misconception that making changes in our way of life will negatively affect the economy, even though history and economics tells us differently. Making changes to preserve our earth now, is one of the biggest economic opportunities. Creating an infrastructure of the future and ridding ourselves of noxious pollutants in the process is benefit to us all. That is why I support the following measures to curb our negative impact, here in Minnesota:

  • Statewide single use Styrofoam ban.

  • Legislation for the reduction and removal of Minnesota's dependence on single use petroleum plastic.

  • A plan in place for the reduction and removal of Minnesota's dependence on fossil fuels. This is not just an environmental imperative, but an economic one as well.

  • Investments into solar, wind, and hydroelectric power sources within the State of Minnesota. Incentives for municipalities to switch to renewable.

  • The implementation of a four day workweek for all state employees.

  • An increase in the size and scope of state protected lands by at least 5% with corridors for migratory wildlife.