Universal Health Care

Our goal is Universal Healthcare for all Minnesotans

  • This will give the people the collective negotiating power.

  • lower price of prescription drugs and treatments

  • stream line the insurance process and lead to more efficiency and reduce price of bureaucracy.

  • treatment is decided by you and your care team-not the insurance companies

  • businesses have one less thing to worry about

  • Universal healthcare shall include preventative care, dental and vision care.

This Pandemic showed us many flaws in our healthcare system. This is the chance to fix it. The system currently is struggling to a point were the national guard has to step in to help provide effective and safe healthcare to all Minnesotans. We must do better.

We know there are better ways because our own DFL 66 state senator has introduced bill after bill trying to create a functional MNCare for all system that I completely support. Here is a link to the current bill:

  • Make new licensure and educational reciprocity agreements with similarly qualified foreign medical systems to better allow highly qualified medical professionals to immigrate to Minnesota. We have a frightening shortage of healthcare workers.

  • A state created fund shall be set aside for the funeral expenses of medical professionals whose lives were lost in their line of duty.