Veterans Affairs

As an Iraq War veteran, I know many of the difficulties faced by those who served. And yet, I have sacrificed almost nothing compared to so, so many of my brothers and sisters in arms. Today, more war veterans die by suicide than in combat. We need to do more for those who served us. That is why I support:

  • Military to civilian education equivalency for M.O.S. qualifications. Serving our country for four years and being educated by the world's greatest military should have more civilian value than a few college credits.

  • VA Medical card useable at any Minnesota medical provider at no extra cost to the veteran.

  • A restructuring of the Minnesota National Guard from combat support to disaster relief as its main focus. Increasing the amount of medics, engineers, heavy equipment operators, etc. enlisted and available.

  • Minnesota deployed and retired veterans should receive the same publicly provided healthcare as our legislators.

  • Full economic grants to any Minnesota state college or university for veterans (no, the gi bill does not cover the cost of a college education).